healthNon-NHS Services

Some services provided are not covered under our contract with the NHS and therefore attract charges. Examples include the following:

  • Insurance claim forms
  • Prescriptions for taking medication abroad
  • Private sick notes
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Adoption/ Fostering Medicals

The fees charged are based on the British Medical Association (BMA) suggested scales. You can find a copy of our charges below and our reception staff will be happy to advise you about them along with appointment availability if required.

We now have a card machine available for use at Pontprennau Medical Centre.

If you are required to make a payment for any non-NHS work or private fees you are now able to pay by card or cash. 

Fees for Non-NHS Services

Firearms Licensing

As a practice, we refuse to provide a report for firearms licensing as we feel it seeks an opinion on matters falling outside a GPs medical expertise.